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Follow Your Heart

What would you do if you won a summer internship to work for your favorite band ? What if you could spend ten weeks up close and personal with celebrities you’ve admired from afar? This opportunity fell into the hands of Spencer Brooks the summer before her senior year in high school. Never in her life had she been this lucky and now the best prize was hers for the taking. Follow along as Spencer meets the members of Catalyst, the pop-punk band she’d long been a fan of since their humble beginnings as a YouTube sensation, and officially becomes part of the effort to launch their career. Unbeknownst to her, this experience would change her life, and those closest to her, forever.

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Take A Chance

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Spencer Brooks was having the time of her life the summer before her senior year in high school. Interning with her best friend at a prestigious record label, daily interactions with her favorite band, a blossoming romance most girls her age could only dream of. But these things aren't enough to keep her from feeling scared and worried about what comes next. In this sequel to Follow Your Heart, Spencer finds herself at a crossroads in her life with a big decision looming ahead of her. Will she play it safe to protect herself?  Or will she take a chance at opening her heart to love and new adventures? 

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  I love to write...


Most of the things I've written have been for my eyes only.

One day, I read a fanfic-inspired novel that my then teenaged daughter was reading.

When I was done, I boldly commented, "I can write this stuff."

My daughter responded, "Then write something."

So I did.

And from this challenge, out came my first two books.

Follow Your Heart and Take A Chance.

There's much more where these came from.

I love to write.

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