5 Ideas to Get You Through Inauguration Day

5 Ideas to Get You Through Inauguration Day

Well, the day has arrived.

Whether we like it or not, whether we voted for him or not, the president-elect officially becomes POTUS today. This is definitely a tough pill to swallow especially for those of us who never imagined how someone who has made so many insulting and derogatory comments could ever hold the highest position in our nation.

I could probably sit here and list all the reasons he shouldn’t be president. At the same time, I could probably share a number of reasons why his being elected shouldn’t surprise us in the least bit.

But I’m not going there. I’d rather not re-live those trying days after the election results were in. All the sadness, all the shock, all the arguments, all the confusion, all the fear, all the ugliness are things I don’t want to experience again.

Instead, I simply want to share some things you could do today to get your mind off the events happening in Washington, D.C. Even just for a little while.

  1. Keep away from the television and social media. You know it’s going to be everywhere today. So if you prefer to not partake in any of it, just do yourself a favor and don’t even turn on your tv. Stay away from Facebook and Twitter. Especially Twitter.
  2. Listen to music. Might I suggest listening to Imagine by John Lennon? It serves as a great reminder of what could be. Or if you want to get in touch your inner headbanger, I would go with Breaking the Law by Judas Priest.
  3. Meditate. When your mind becomes weary with all the concern of what the next four years will be like, close your eyes for a few minutes, inhale, exhale, repeat. Clear your head of any of your worries and just focus on your breathing.
  4. Play with a puppy. Puppies will remind you that no matter how crazy life gets, they will always be there for you with no prejudice, no judgement, no questions asked. They adore you no matter who you are or what you do and will always have an abundance of love to shower on you.
  5. Go on a Netflix binge. Catch up on Orange Is The New Black if you have to. Start Narcos if it so pleases you. Watching episodes of The Office always makes me feel better. My only warning is if you’re going to start Criminal Minds, do it during daylight. Trust me on this.

And if none of the above work, remember the words of our great 44th President Barack Obama:

“I believe in this country. I believe in the American people. I think we’re going to be okay.”

So do whatever you need to get through this day. Be sad and upset if you’re fearful of what’s going to happen next. Rejoice if you’re excited about the new change coming. Do this today.

Tomorrow let’s remember we are all the same, regardless of race, religion or gender, and work together to make living in this country great for everyone.


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