Reflections of 2016

Reflections of 2016

Happy New Year everyone!

When I look back at 2016 as I’m sure many people did in the past 24 hours, my initial thoughts are on all the bad things that happened and what a crappy year it was. But in the spirit of the new year and since 2016 is officially past us, I’m not even going to mention them.

To be fair, there were some good things that happened last year for our family. Sebastian finally graduated from St Thomas More School after 9 long years there and is now doing well at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory. Adding a little fur ball to our family was definitely a good thing. In more recent news, Sami heard back from 2 of the colleges she applied to and we now know that she may be spending the next four years in Tucson or in Seattle. (Still too early to tell though since there are other schools she’s waiting on. We at least know she’ll be in college somewhere the next four years. 😁)

So 2016 wasn’t completely a shit year even though a lot of shitty things happened. There was good mixed in with the bad. Now on this first day of the new year, I’m not going to make any resolutions that I know will be broken in about a week. As 2017 progresses, I’m going to try to focus on the lessons and self-discoveries from last year instead. And there were a few.

For starters, I’m going to focus more on writing because even though I realized it was a passion a couple years ago, I only wrote when I had time. And as a busy mom of three, there was never really enough time. This year it will be a priority. Who knows? Maybe I’ll actually get good at it.

I’m also going to remember that while I’m being kind to others, I need to be kind to myself as well. If this means saying no more often to things that I would normally say yes to, then so be it. If it means I might disappoint or hurt others, then so be it. Disappointing or hurting others won’t be intentional but it’s time to put me on top of my own list. If not the very top, then at least right after my kids.

When things get tough in the new year and I know they will, I’m going to tell myself that I can do hard things. Instead of curling up into a ball and avoiding the scary stuff, I’m going to pull up my big girl pants and power through.

I’m going to keep the past in the past. It’s really not fair for me to compare the present with what’s happened in years long gone. I’m living in a different time and circumstance now and what I have today is what matters.

I’m going to continue to keep doing the things that I love. Even when I hear the snide-but-meant-in-good-fun comments about me being at yet another concert, guess what? I’m still going to those concerts and I’m still going to see my favorite artists, past and present, even if I have to cross state lines to do so. Life is too short to worry about what others think. If I didn’t see Prince last year I’d be really mad at myself right now.

I’m going to end this first blog post of the new year with something that Glennon Doyle Melton posted on social media yesterday. It’s awesome. It’s powerful. It’s so me for 2017. Can it be you, too?


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