4 Basic Tips To Survive Your Company’s Holiday Party

4 Basic Tips To Survive Your Company’s Holiday Party

Yesterday was our company holiday party. This meant that professional folks who are typically cordial and polite to each other within the confines of the office space are now likely to offend one another with questionable behavior or inappropriate comments thanks to a little bit (or a lot bit) of liquid courage.

I survived the holiday party by adhering to a few tried-and-true rules for all work-related events:

1) Eat beforehand. In this age of keeping costs down, we’re not always going to get a full-course meal at our company holiday parties. While I did end up enjoying the chips-and-dip station yesterday, I was glad that we stopped at Lemonade beforehand to grab a bite to eat.

2) Know your drink limit. Know it and adhere to it. Even if there’s an open bar, stick to your limit. Even if there isn’t an open bar and you have a surplus of drink tickets, stick to your limit. Even if the head of HR is handing you drink tickets, stick to your limit. Even if all your co-workers are telling you to just have one more, stick to your limit. Stick to your limit. 

3) Never ever go to the after-party. This is probably the most important rule. The after-party is where the real ruckus begins. Where the already-hammered get even more hammered. If you’ve had a few drinks already, chances are you’ll have a few more drinks at the after party. If you haven’t had any drinks, chances are you’ll be subjected to someone who has and I can’t say it will always be pleasant. Just do yourself a favor and have as much fun at the actual holiday party itself so you won’t be tempted to go anywhere near the infamous after-party. (In some cases, after-parties. Yes, plural.)

4) Always go to work the next day. Unless you have a previously-scheduled vacation day, you should always show up at the office the day after a holiday party. Don’t be the talk of your colleagues who all went to work the next day. Imagine what a rockstar you’d look like if you did get hammered the night before (not recommended as per my second point) then made it to the office the next morning looking as fresh as a piece of lettuce? You’d definitely get some brownie points from me.

What are your tips and tricks for surviving the office holiday party? Did you make it through your holiday party unscathed?



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