Taking Stock: December 2016

Taking Stock: December 2016

Hi folks! It’s been a busy couple weeks and I finally have some down time to pause, take a deep breath and get a quick snapshot of what’s been keeping me busy at this very moment before this last month of 2016 rolls right by. (Inspired by the lovely Pip Lincolne and her blog, Meet Me At Mike’s)

Making : My 2016 Annual Scrapbook in digital format with the help of the Project Life app.
Cooking : Not much. The last thing I made was a sushi tray.
Drinking : Chestnut Praline Lattes. On the daily.
Reading: Wild by Cheryl Strayed
Wanting: More time to sleep. I’m tired.
Looking: At my petal diffuser from dōTERRA disseminating the oil blend Purify which is comprised of lemon, lime, siberian fir, pine, citronella, maleleuca and cilantro and helps remove odors from the air. Not that my home is stinky (I mean sometimes it IS, not gonna lie. Plus we added a puppy to the family so he adds to the stink factor) but diffusing this blend is great for air purification.
Playing: Wham’s Last Christmas over and over again. Since it’s officially the holiday season I reserve the right to blast it and play it again and again and again. (And again)
Deciding: Which pet-friendly hotel we should stay in SoCal when we head down for Christmas.
Wishing: I could bring Saber out for walks already.
Enjoying: The fact that Sage has followed her sister’s footsteps and developed the same love for dance.
Waiting: For a package to arrive from UPS which I was supposed to receive last Friday but because of the awful sorting at some UPS facility, my package ended up somewhere in Sacramento instead.
Liking: My shorter hair. Makes washing it, drying it, flat-ironing it go ten times faster.
Wondering: Which college will accept Sami and which college Sami will accept.
Loving: That Husband finally gave in and is now using an iPhone.
Pondering: The storyline for the grown-up novel waiting to be written.
Considering:Whether or not to shift the focus of this blog. Stay tuned.
Buying: Lots of Sparkling Ice Lemonade. My kids are addicted to it.
Watching: Arrested Development on Netflix. I really want to re-watch The Office though.
Hoping: That Sage continues to believe in Santa for many more years because as they say, if you don’t believe you won’t receive.
Marvelling: At how fast this year has flown by.
Cringing: At the Christmas shopping that I need to start and finish in 17 days.
Needing: A few extra hours in the day to sleep.
Questioning: UPS’s service. Or lack thereof. (Apologies to my friends who work at UPS. I know it’s not you just like problems with the macys.com site is not me.)
Smelling: Nothing right now. My sense of smell is shot at the moment.
Wearing: Cold weather gear. I know friends in the East Coast would laugh at what I consider cold weather gear.
Following: Van Jones on Twitter.
Noticing: More white hairs on my head.
Knowing: That 2017 has got to be better than 2016. 2016 was so bad.
Thinking: We should probably put up our Christmas tree now.
Admiring: Glennon Doyle Melton for her courage and strength.
Sorting: All the pictures I took in 2016.
Getting: Antsy about signing Saber up for puppy kindergarten.
Bookmarking: The Spew blog. Her writing is entertaining.
Coveting: A blog with TONS of followers that makes a lot of moolah.
Disliking: Waking up to cold mornings.
Opening: A ton of junk mail.
Giggling: At the history of the FB Messenger chat with my ‘SECURITY’ peeps.
Feeling: Like my son is about to close a chapter in his book of life.
Snacking: On Funyuns. Too many of them.
Helping: A friend with recipes for diffusing oils.
Hearing: Rain against the window.

Was this fun? Yay? Nay?  In case you are up for a Taking Stock challenge, here is a blank list for you to copy to your own FB page, journal or blog:

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

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