Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Whew! Who knew that having a puppy would be such hard work? Ok, well, I knew. Everyone warned me. Having a dog is like having another kid.

Don’t get me wrong though. I’m not complaining nor do I have any regrets. I’m just a little tired. House-breaking our 2.7 lb furry dude has sucked up a considerable amount of my time and I’m definitely feeling a little discombobulated and off-schedule. And did I mention tired? Truth be told though I’m guessing that the fact that we are in the peak of Nutcracker rehearsals is contributing.

I know that this feeling is only temporary and eventually I’ll be back to the regularly scheduled programming. Breaking Saber in is going well, by the way. He’s loving his crate and knows where he’s supposed to go potty. There has definitely been the occasional pee and poop accident and a little bit of alpha maleness from him but with the help of the dog whisperers near me (you know who you are and I thank you from the bottom of my new fur-mama heart) we are making progress.

I do have a few questions that maybe some of you who have furbabies can help me with: (Not that the above-mentioned dog whisperers are off the hook; I will still bombard them with my questions and concerns.)

  • Is it bad that every so often during potty breaks, Saber doesn’t actually go potty and instead looks up at me before laying down on his pee pad?
  • Since he’s not allowed to go to puppy school yet, are there any basic commands I could teach him in the meantime? Sit? Come? Fetch me a bottle of water?
  • Does anyone have any experience with puppy training available through Petco? I was planning on taking him to Sirius Puppy Kindergarten but it’s a hop, skip and a jump over to the opposite side of the city. Petco is much closer to me and there’s parking.

I’m also open to any other new puppy tips and tricks you want to share. Sure I could probably Google it but why wouldn’t I reach out to all you knowledgeable people first? Thanks in advance!


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