A Story

A Story

I have a story to tell.

About a boy and a girl.

The boy and the girl fell in love, got married, had children and lived happily ever after.

But the road to happily ever after wasn’t easy. It’s a road they’re still traveling.

A road full of joy, happiness, euphoria, and bliss.

But also a road with lies, deception, betrayal, and fear.

One day, the boy and the girl woke up and realized they were not the same people they were many years prior when they fell in love. Time and circumstance had changed them.

But they trudged along in their life together. Because there were children to raise. Because there was a household to manage and bills that had to be paid. Because there were social obligations and people counting on them not to fail.

And because that’s what married people do.

They trudge along their life together. They put on their smiles and pretend there is no pain hidden deep within them. They tell themselves that the show must go on not realizing the damage that’s being created right under their noses.

One day, the boy and the girl began to wonder what they were doing. Were they in the right place? Were they doing the right things? Were they still in love with the stranger they woke up beside every morning?

They didn’t have the answers in front of them. The answers did not come easy. But something told them that underneath all the anger and resentment, there must still be love. A flame flickering with all its might and fighting all the forces that threatened to extinguish it completely.

Something told them that they needed to focus once again on that flame. Stoke it and fuel it so it burned higher and brighter. If it meant they took the time to find their true selves that were lost in all the years of neglect and being taken for granted. Together or apart, they must reunite with their own selves because only then would they find their happily ever after. Only then would they find the love that brought them together. The love that was never lost. The love that was always there waiting to be found once again.

I have a story to tell.

But it’s not only mine to share.


Do you have a story to share?

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