Why You Shouldn’t Share Your Online Goals and Dreams With Your Loved Ones

Why You Shouldn’t Share Your Online Goals and Dreams With Your Loved Ones

The other day I had a lengthy conversation with a friend of mine who shares the same vision of one day becoming a successful online entrepreneur. What was meant to be a quick “Hey, what’s up with you?” chat quickly morphed into a passionate discussion about what we both needed to do to take a step in the direction of our dreams.

If our talk could be described in a picture it would look like this:

We both went deep, sharing where we wanted to be in the future and how we intended on getting to that point. It was an easy conversation to have because we each fed off of what the other was saying. We had to consciously end the conversation because it probably could have continued for hours. Even though we had to abruptly stop, we were left with even more excitement about our personal and business goals.

Unfortunately, of the people I interact with on a daily basis there are not many with whom I could have this kind of deep conversation about my entrepreneurial dreams. Not even my loved ones, my closest family and friends, who you would almost expect I’d be able to discuss all my dreams with.

I’ve come to realize though that you really shouldn’t discuss your online entrepreneurial business dreams with all of your loved ones. You have to pick and choose who you open up to. And here’s why.

1) Some people will think you’re crazy and they’ll tell you. Most people are used to the conventional form of making money: working a 9-to-5 job Monday through Friday then collecting a regular paycheck. They believe that this is the best, most stable way to earn a respectable income. Any other way, your way, is just nuts. And they’ll tell you.

2) Some people will think you’re crazy and they won’t tell you. This is worse than #1. They’ll listen to you, nod their head and make you feel like they get you when really they don’t understand why you would be so crazy as to give up your job and stability for something unknown and unproven. You’ll think they get you, you’ll continue to share your excitement with them and they’ll nod their heads in silence. Then when you ask them to take action like, I don’t know, subscribe to your blog, they will be MIA.

3) Some people will think you’re crazy and you’ll feel bad. It’s never a good feeling when the people you care most about think what you’re doing is the silliest thing. In fact, it’s a horrible feeling. When all you want is a little bit of support and a method of accountability but all you get is raised eyebrows or radio silence, it’s deflating.

4) After feeling bad about what your loved ones call your crazy, cockamamy ideas, you may get discouraged to the point of giving up. This is the worse possible outcome of sharing your business ideas with them. Letting go of something that brings a sparkle to your eyes whenever you think about it is a no-no. As much as you care about their opinions and support, don’t let them play the role of dreamkillers in your life.

So instead of telling everyone about your awesome online business idea, keep it a little closer to the vest. Save your excitement for the like-minded ones who share your vision. Where can you find the like-minded ones, you ask? Go online. The forums, the Facebook groups, productivity blogs, they’re there. And they’re chasing online prosperity just like you are.

Later on, when you get to success and when you have proof of that success, you can go back to your dearest loved ones who doubted you and show them. But when you do, don’t be smug. Curb the urge to tell them you told them so. Just smile and share the latest status of that crazy online dream of yours. The good news is that these are your loved ones. They might have been the first to shoot down your dreams and doubt you but they will also be the first to celebrate with you when you achieve them.


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