Happy Halloween, boils and ghouls!

Happy Halloween, boils and ghouls!

img_0238Another school Halloween parade in the books and as in years past, this one did not disappoint. I’m always surprised at the creativity of these children and have even been shocked at some of the costumes that were allowed in this Catholic school that my kids go to.

There were a bunch of the usual costumes you might find at a grammar school parade: princesses, ninjas, fairies and superheroes. Then there were the ones that stood out: the bottle of sriracha hot chili sauce, two halves of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, two halves of donut, a gigantic pickle, and my personal favorite, a ginormous poop emoji. I’d seen this one at last year’s parade and laughed just much when I saw it this time around. Something about seeing that giant turd. Just gets me every time.

My little one decided on going as a nerd this year. I was perfectly fine with this. Easy to put together and no worries about being accused of culture appropriation. Unless you want to include nerds as a culture in which case I apologize to all the nerds of the world on behalf of my 8-year old.

The funniest moment came at dismissal, long after the morning parade ended. Some of the second graders were running around the front gate. My second grader was chasing her friend Kaden, who was dressed as a slice of pepperoni pizza, when she yelled, “I’m gonna eat you!” Immediately, all the parents within earshot looked at each other and after a brief pause, burst into laughter. Leave it to a bunch of adults to take a perfectly innocent comment from a child and take it straight to the gutter.

Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone! Stay away from those scary clowns.



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