Purpose? Does it have to have a purpose?

Someone once asked me what the purpose of my blog was and I responded by saying there was no purpose other than fulfilling my need and desire to write.

This person threw me a questioning look. img_0173

“So what are you gonna write about?”

“Just random things that come up.”

“You think people will wanna read about these random things that come up?”

“Maybe. Maybe not. But it doesn’t really matter. I’m ok if no one reads any of my stuff.”

“Really? You’re ok if no one reads your blog?”

“Really! I’m ok if no one reads my blog!”


Later that same evening, I thought about that conversation and tried to convince myself that I meant what I said. I was perfectly ok if there wasn’t a single soul who read anything that I put out here.

Then I threw myself a questioning look.

And then after that I decided to be honest with myself.

The truth is that it actually does matter that people read my blog and all the things I put out here. Which probably means that I should really think of a good purpose for my blog, right? The perfect niche. Something that would make readers want to come back. So I gave it a little thought and came up with something.

I love to tell stories about being a working mom and raising my three kids. I also love to share information that I feel would be beneficial to others. On top of that, I live in an awesome city where there is so much to do, such amazing things to see and let’s not forget all the delicious food to eat.

You get where I’m going here?

It’s all in my tagline: “Ramblings of a working mom of three navigating through life in the city”

JustMeMylee.com will be a San Francisco lifestyle blog featuring daily (or almost daily) musings of, well, me as a mother of three with frequent highlights of this beautiful city by the bay.

Good enough? Does it make you want to become a regular visitor? I guess it remains to be seen. I’m open to feedback, requests, high-fives and even more questioning looks.

In the meantime, I think I need to go update my About page.


  • Winter says:

    I get the same question about my blog all the time. It used to be about our life on the ranch and homeschooling. Then we moved. Now it’s about coping, living life with a positive attitude no matter what it throws at you and the awesome and terrible things my kids do.
    I still don’t care if people read it or not. I feel good after I write!
    Great job!

    • mylee says:

      Thank you! I definitely love writing and, like you, feel great afterwards. Need to figure out what to do about trolls that leave comments though. I was initially going to leave comments automatic but now I’m glad I’ve set it so they have to be reviewed and approved.

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